Get Consistent Customers

We help small businesses add $100k – $1 million in new revenue by effectively advertising with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO.

Get Confidence in Your Marketing

Reduce Wasted Advertising

Implement a Consistent Growth Plan

Do you Struggle with Advertising your business?

Even worse… are you avoiding Google, Facebook, and your Website because you are overwhelmed by where to start?

We help normal, hardworking small businesses add $100k – $1 million in new revenue by helping them finally get their website, Google, and Facebook to work for their business.

Local Service

2 Fellas Moving Company

What does 5 years of working together look like?

Year 1 – We beat our best month by $65,000.

Year 2 – We were able to buy 2 extra trucks and hire 6 new people.

Year 4 – We’ve been able to franchise our business and open 2 new locations.

National Service

Trucker to Trucker

Over the last 5 years  I have worked with Jimmy Steele and Optimized Zen for a number of services including SEO, Facebook Advertising, A/B testing, and Email Automation.

The single best thing about working with Jimmy and his team is that I don’t have to manage them. I don’t have to be the one giving directions.

While I am busy focusing on other areas of the business. He identifies opportunities, creates the plan for me to approve, and his team implements the changes.

Here are just a few of the results?

SEO audit and content – added 20,000/month additional visitors in 30 days (a 10% increase in traffic).

Email list growth – from 1500 -> 30,000 subscribers with automated onboarding.

A/B testing and Conversion Optimization

  • 32% improvement for our Dealer services sign up over 3 months of testing.
  • 71% improvement for our Seller services sign up after 2 months of testing.

Grow Your Business… Consistently

There are 3 things every business needs (and they must work seamlessly together).

If you feel weak in any of these areas, we can help. 


Clear Words

Speak with a clear message. Guide your customer to the next step.

Every conversation will get easier.

Marketing Assets

A website that gets found. A sales page that gets leads. Emails that lead to sales calls.

Every conversation will lead to more sales.


Your customer is on their phone. You reach them with Google, Facebook, and Email.

Start more conversations in any market.

A Few More Words From Our Clients

“I have watched my overall sales revenue grow 62% in the 3 years since we began using his services, and that doesn’t even count the revenue from yearly policy renewals.”
Corey Illingworth

Owner, Pegram Insurance

Most of our experience was with dealing with Yellowpages and Homeadvisor. We wanted to show up in Google and needed someone who could manage everything for us – advertising, SEO, our website. We just wanted to focus on our customers. Jimmy has completely changed how Forest Tree Service LLC shows up in Google!

Julio Garcia

Owner, Forest Tree Service LLC

We have sold more in the last 4 months, than any whole year prior.  All of the inquiries are coming from Google searches that lead them to our website. I’m pretty happy with those results.

Andy Wyatt

Chief Inspector, ET Mechanical

Aside from building our company website, Jimmy has helped me refine my marketing goals and implement a digital marketing plan that includes Google, Linkedin, and Facebook which I wouldn’t have had any idea on how to execute.

Kelly Epperson

Owner, Wake Your Data

Get marketing that will add the next $100k – $1 million in revenue.